Mike Hippert

Michael Hippert

Mike Hippert is the current President and CEO for Online Technology Exchange, Inc. in the U.S. He was born in the state of Illinois and now lives in the Tampa Bay area in Florida .

He is also an internet commerce pioneer and designer that startied in the early 1990's and Founder, President and CEO of the global internet network company Online Technology Exchange, Inc.,Born July 9th, 1971. Michael has been involved in film, real estate, entertainment, information technology, electronics, AI and 3D and continues to consult and develope internet related technologies.

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Mike Hippert




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Internet King: Michael Hippert was on Born July 9th, 1971 in Chicago, Il., and is a designer, author, publisher, global web technology pioneer, entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Online Technology Exchange, producer, director, athlete, consultant, person, musician, inventor, male and enjoys the water, yachting, health, yogo, sports and golf.
Business: electronics, semiconductors, electronic components, networks and networking, data information, space, military, aerospace, manufacturing, automotive, computers, security, blockchain, media, broadcasting, organization, domain names, indexing, stock, ISP, Internet service provider, domains, ecommerce, 3D and more.
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